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Mi Arcus Founders' Story - Garima Kalra - Mi Arcus

Mi Arcus Founders' Story - Garima Kalra

Mi Arcus Founders' Story - Garima Kalra


What makes my parenthood journey an endless source of fun and gratitude.

Mi-arcus my second born was getting conceived and created when I was expecting my first baby.. and that explains why I could feel and fill in for every need and gaps that arise when a baby has to arrive. In a very happy way, I was ready to mother two babies and that is how my journey started. The joys of seeing my little baby take his first stride was kind of similar when I look back and watch how little Mi Arcus store from 1 store in 2021 to 25 stores by 2023

And being a mother I want to give all children that  comfort and love which is what lies at the core of  MiArcus.

However my experience of being a mother to my baby, taught me a beautiful lesson and I share it here with all of you.

To my little baby, everyone at home was his “Maa”, and as he learnt to speak out his first few words, his call out to my mother in law, my sister- in law as “Maa”, made me realize the beauty and the joys of shared happiness and bonds that a baby can build and bring an amazing sense of unity through love and care. My baby, saw his “Maa” in those who gave him all the love and care. That was the  day, when this little baby taught me a very important lesson of life for a lifetime. He made me  understand a very important lesson of my life, that had it not been for these loving and most caring people around me, I could not have been a good mother. It was this lovely surround of kind people  my own family gave me that wonderful eco system.. and which was rightfully recognized by my baby. To him, all of these loving people where his ”Maa”.

And just because of this incredible support, as a new mother, I am not able to associate parenthood with sacrifices and challenges.As my mother’s generation did.

Even though motherhood and being a responsible parent, comes with its own set of challenges and it is never ever going to be a cake walk but definitely this journey becomes much easy and fun when you have  people who pitch in, just so that the real “mother” does not have to   forego her  individuality.

My journey of parenthood is  dedicated to each and every person who has loved my child and most importantly loved me through this journey. And the journey bringing up my babies, my son and my MiArcus. With the kind support of everyone around.