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Founder’s Story – Gian Singh - Mi Arcus

Founder’s Story – Gian Singh

Founder’s Story – Gian Singh

I joined my 45 years old family business of manufacturing and exporting home textile products in 2009 after completing Masters in finance and Investment from UK. I was taken aback how difficult manufacturing of textiles and how difficult quality control standards are demanded by International brands, so I took a 3 month textile manufacturing course to basics. After spending 10 years in manufacturing and quality control of textiles I realized we are manufacturing great products for more than 36 countries across the world and all such products are missing in Indian market. Most of time whenever we used to gift our products to our relatives in India, every one used to be in awe of softness and comfort and wanted to buy more of them.

In Feb 2019 on a business scale up event in Goa, I got a chance to meet entrepreneurs from different industries and we brainstormed on challenges and opportunities and then I realized I can really push myself to launch Mi Arcus.

I also realized many foreign brands are coming to India but there was hardly any Indian brand with internationally complained products. Since my childhood I had always wanted to do great things for India and to make India a great country. So launching an Indian brand with most of the products made in India really gave me a great motivation.

We are very grateful that over a period of 10 years lot of International brands have continuously audited and developed world class manufacturing systems at our factory and in implementing them I also learnt a lot , which helps me source products from similar factories across India.

From Feb 2019 to Nov 2019, I started to research the dynamics of e-commerce works, what are market places, SEO, warehousing and delivering the goods. Finally business plan was ready and we came up with a name Mi Arcus, which means My Rainbow, as our life is filled with colors and joy when a baby comes into our life which is the best gift of god to us. We also started working on our 1st collection of products and wanted to launch the brand on 1st may 2020 but then covid lock down happened, but it did not let us down we kept on working in lock downs as well and finally launched Mi Arcus on 22nd Aug 2020.

At Mi Arcus our vision is “Making parenthood joyful” where we keep a lot of focus on safe and functional products and great customer experience. Our plan is to provide International look, feel and quality products at India prices.

 Today we have more than 25 stores and are available on 10 market places and most amazingly all of our products are loved by our customers.

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