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Baby Furniture
Feeding Pillow- Baby Breastfeeding Pillow


We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of quality.
Mi Arcus

Thoughtfully designed and uber-functional products

At Mi Arcus, our customer’s needs are met with the utmost care. Our baby products are designed to suit their delicate and sensitive skin. You will be able to distinguish Mi Arcus products by texture’s softness, durability, and high-quality features. How? We test-check our samples regularly. Once our samples are designed and ready, we share them with moms who provide us with genuine feedback about any scopes of improvement to lift the quality of the final products. We want to support mothers in their beautiful journey by making the process stress-free. Our products are as functional as expected and do the very job of helping our customers, rather effectively.

Mi Arcus

Soft organic cotton fabrics

We are inclined towards sourcing and utilizing organic cotton resources for the development of our products. This helps in the creation of the softest fabrics to suit baby skin. Our choice of resources and manufacturing process results in a gentle product for your gentle baby. This is possible because of our team’s 40+ years of experience in textile manufacturing. The experienced eye chooses only the best and most durable materials for a long-lasting impact on our beloved customers.

Mi Arcus

Strict quality checks

Mi Arcus safety-assurance process is rather strict and necessitates checking and testing of all products at various stages. We ensure that products pass more than 15 security parameters during the three stages of development, i.e. receiving, stitching, and packaging. Furthermore, the products are developed without any use of harmful chemicals. They are also reviewed for their durability and shrink-resistance qualities.

Mi Arcus

Quality control systems

Mi Arcus takes pride in its team of 70+ experts who run quality control systems during manufacturing. We document the development procedures thoroughly for inevitable improvements. We also utilize technologies such as automatic cutting control to accurately direct the shape and size of a product. Our metal detection systems help us to review the products on a granular level. All of this is achieved due to consistent efforts to train Mi Arcus employees about quality standards and management.

Mi Arcus

Workplace sanitization standards

Mi Arcus shows uncompromising standards when it comes to the regular workplace and employee sanitization procedures. We care deeply about our employees and ensure that their health-checks are conducted regularly. Moreover, all employees are mandated to use a PPE kit.

Mi Arcus

Most importantly, we shower love

At Mi Arcus, we believe in putting ourselves in our customer’s shoes to understand their exact expectations and requirements. This helps us handle our products with care which reflects in our customer’s satisfied and joyful faces. This is a true gift from our family to yours.

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