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Baby Furniture
Maternity Dresses - Baby Breastfeeding Pillow


We believe that sustainability is important for the future of our planet and we are committed to doing our part to make a difference.
Mi Arcus

Our sustainable packaging efforts reflect well in our products. The ordinary piece of organic cotton fabric is knitted into detailed care for babies’ skin. At Mi Arcus, we want anything that touches your little one’s skin should be as pure and gentle as your own touch! Our goal is to make motherhood joyful for you. It has enabled us to develop our whole range of products with sustainable resources. This enables us to not only care for your baby but also to give back to our mother nature by practicing recyclable packaging and instilling eco-friendly methods of product development. Furthermore, Mi Arcus endorses the need for saving water and using it judiciously. Our values synchronize well with environmental policies and we do our bit righteously.


Mi Arcus

Mi Arcus takes pride in its all-women leadership. We are represented by strong women and we continue to add many more to our task force. We are whole-heartedly driven by the concept of providing skill development to underprivileged women and we believe that our women-first initiatives internally will be a great support to this cause.

Mi Arcus

Why does Mi Arcus emphasize on using organic cotton fabrics for developing baby products?

Not only is the organic cotton gentle and kind to a baby’s skin but it also prevents the baby from developing skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, and other skin-related allergies.

The delicate quality of organic cotton also makes the baby products antimicrobial and resists the development of any moulds whatsoever. Our GOTS certified products are the best choice for your newborn.

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