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Mi Arcus Founders' Story - Preeti Chugh - Mi Arcus

Mi Arcus Founders' Story - Preeti Chugh

Mi Arcus Founders' Story - Preeti Chugh

I am first a mother to an extraordinary boy and I also happen to be the cofounder of Mi Arcus . As a person, I am genuinely introverted and am not too much at ease in talking to all. Out here, on our MiArcus page, I feel safe to share my story with all of you. And we can all keep inspiring each other… and recognize those who make the  journey of parenting a very memorable one for us. I decided to go down memory lane and recall the time and emotions I went through when I was about to become a mother. My journey of those nine months was smooth, and I thank God for that, but I remember that during this time, I was a bundle of emotions . While the certainty of motherhood gave me a heady feeling but the uncertainty that also loomed large was “what about me” somewhere deep inside I wanted to also carve out my own identity and do something magical with my inherent artistic skills and creativity

               While I kept in touch with my inner worry, I wholeheartedly enjoyed the phase of bringing up my baby, I knew that rushing into something was not me , so I let six years  go by and only when I was assured that now is the time , I encountered a bright spot of a big once in a lifetime opportunity.

Little did I know that a big bonus awaited me , my fear of losing my self-identity and not being able to address my inner calling , came in the form of an offer I didn’t refuse . I decided to take on the challenge of coming on board as the creative head for Mi Arcus ,which celebrates bonds that babies build …finally and after all the stress I went through, it was payback time ,my two years at NIFD ,gave me the confidence I needed and  the trust placed on me ,charged me up.

As a mother and the creative head for Mi Arcus ,both roles need a shout out to the very supportive family who gave me enough room and space to navigate smoothly. In more ways than one , motherhood for me got packaged with my professional growth. And as time ticks, cliched as it sounds, but the truth is that day in day out ,my single biggest source of motivation is my son ,who does recognize the fact that his mother needs to take her time out and be at work , he has turned out to be an independent little boy already. He makes it easy for me to do my best in my role.

So, in essence , the only big takeaway I would like to leave behind for readers is that remember we always learn through life experiences on how strong we are and how strong we can be. Parenting  today for me has moved on  from just one baby to many many babies and their families. Our journey at Mi Arcus is to make all parenting a joyfull experience and spreading smiles all around.

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