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Step By Step: Your Guide To Choosing The Right Kids Footwear - Mi Arcus

Step By Step: Your Guide To Choosing The Right Kids Footwear

Step By Step: Your Guide To Choosing The Right Kids Footwear

As fun as it is to select the first pair of clothes for the little ones, the feeling of witnessing the baby’s first steps and purchasing the first pair of shoes for them is unmatched. Fortunately, with a range of footwear options now available for the feet of the little ones, there is something to cater to the needs and preferences of every parent and every child.  

Read below to uncover the latest in kids footwear fashion and essential tips: 

Trendy Kids Footwear Options:  

  • Booties: Booties were initially designed as a winter option to keep the feet of babies and infants warm and protected. However, with the growing trend, these have evolved to become popular and are now available in many other styles suited for growing toddlers and kids as well. Now available in various options, including all-weather wear and different designs such as slip-on, Velcro-fastened, and hook-and-loop tab styles, these are suitable for both boys and girls. However, it is recommended to consider options made from lightweight and soft materials such as vegan leather, cotton, rubber, PU, polyester, PVC, and anti-pill fabric when choosing baby booties to ensure comfort and gentleness on little feet. 

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  • Sandals: Sandals are a timeless choice for kids and adults alike, especially during the summer months. These versatile footwear have evolved to offer an array of options, particularly for the latest trends in baby girl sandals, which feature styles like mules, airy open-top sections, and secure closed or open-toe designs, and also fashioned material choices like crochet knit cotton tops, PVC, Polyester, PU blends with patterned soles for a firm grip, making them an ideal choice for the first steps of little ones.  
  • Shoes: As versatile as sandals, even baby shoes are now available in a wide range of styles tailored to various factors such as size, gender, material, age, and personal preferences. With options spanning slip-on, lace-up, Velcro-fasten, and hook-and-loop closures, there's a perfect pair for every choice and every occasion. From charming party shoes and comfortable casual wear to practical kids swim shoes for poolside fun, the options to cater to every adventure are aplenty.
  • Sock-shoes: Socks have always been a go-to solution and an essential accessory for protecting kids' feet from dust, scratches, discomfort, and unwanted irritants. But a modern twist to this includes the emergence of sock shoes. Featuring a sock-like material on top, an easy slip-on design, and anti-skid soles, sock shoes seamlessly blend the comfort of socks and the protection of shoes for little ones always on the move.  

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Tips To Keep In Mind While Buying Baby Shoes:  

  • Proper Fit: It is essential to select the right footwear and ensure it fits appropriately on the little one's feet, taking into account factors such as age and foot size. Footwear that is too tight can cause discomfort, blisters, and even infections, while overly loose shoes may increase the risk of tripping during playtime. For newborns and infants who begin exploring the world through crawling, soft newborn shoes or baby booties are often recommended, provided they offer easy breathability and protection. For growing toddlers, shoes with firm-grip soles are advisable, allowing them to move around freely and confidently.  
  • Material: The material of the footwear is a crucial factor in determining its suitability for a child. It is essential to choose materials that offer both comfort and breathability for the little one’s feet. Some options recommended include polyester, PU, cotton, satin, and rabbit fur for the upper, and PVC, vegan leather, and rubber soles with a patterned grip are ideal for providing traction and stability.  
  • Sole Consideration: For infants who are beginning to crawl or take their first steps, footwear with fabric soles is recommended to aid in improving their balance and coordination skills and allowing them to adjust to wearing footwear. As toddlers and kids grow, prioritising footwear with anti-slip soles or a patterned grip that provides traction becomes essential to assist them in walking and running around comfortably while reducing the risks of slips and falls. 
  • Footwear Design and Style: Kids often tend to instantly remove and throw off shoes that are uncomfortable on their feet. Therefore, selecting shoes, considering the ease of wearing them or removing them, and those that align with their usual preferences and habits is crucial to ensure comfort and convenience. Thus, for infants, it is recommended that you opt for baby shoes with Velcro fastenings, hook-and-loop closures, or slip-on styles. And as toddlers grow, you can also include lace-up shoes for versatility in their footwear collection. 

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Joyful Steps with Mi Arcus: From the pitter-patter of the tiny feet to the confident strides that they are ready to take, remember that choosing proper footwear for your little one is as important as any other baby essential. As confusing as it may seem in the beginning, finding the perfect pair for their little feet can be a joyous journey, witnessing their growth with each step. And so, dedicated to Making Parenthood Joyful and supporting you in this beautiful journey of discovery, you can now explore a thoughtfully curated lineup of footwear for kids aged 0-6 years at 

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