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Baby Essentials Checklist: Everything you need for their first year! - Mi Arcus

Baby Essentials Checklist: Everything you need for their first year!

Baby Essentials Checklist: Everything you need for their first year!

With the arrival of the first baby comes a wave of first-time experiences followed by a rollercoaster of emotions from happy highs to overwhelming lows. Amidst these, a common question that pops up in the mind of every caregiver is: What all things do children need in their first year?  

The initial assumption of the infant as just a tiny human with minimal needs fades away swiftly, replaced by the extensive checklist of their requirements. To help you with some clarity amidst this whirlwind, we've curated a comprehensive list of all essential items for your little one's first year.  

Read below to discover the categorised list of items your little one will need in their first year: 

  • BABY CLOTHES:Among the essential items for your baby clothing undoubtedly demands careful consideration. For baby clothing, you can opt for cosy cotton onesies, bodysuits, rompers, and playsuits in the latest designs. Prioritise premium quality and non-toxic fabrics to ensure your little one's safety and comfort. 


  1. Baby Bibs: Designed to wrap around infants' and toddlers' necks, baby bibs serve as protective barriers for their clothes against messy spills and dribbles during feeding sessions or playtime. With options available in a range of styles such as drooling, feeding, weaning, etc., baby bibs cater to the needs of the little ones during different developmental stages.  
  2. Baby Dinnerware: This includes small-sized plates, glasses, bowls, forks or spoons, sipper bottles, and other utensils designed for little hands. It is important to ensure that the materials used are baby-safe and free from harmful chemicals. 
  3. Feeding Bottles & Covers: Vital for feeding the little ones during non-breastfeeding sessions, baby bottles are a must-have for the first year. Prioritise the quality of these to ensure they can safely hold warm milk. Additionally, use washable bottle covers to protect the bottles against scratches and maintain hygiene. 
  4. Burp Cloths: A dependable guard against baby drool and dribbles, burp cloths help keep your clothes clean and dry during burping sessions. Use them to place it over your shoulder for burping or to provide a soft spot for your baby's head.  


  • MATERNITY ESSENTIALS: While it may seem contradictory, mothers, as well, require specific items to support them in the first year of the baby’s life: 
  1. Newborn Breastfeeding Pillow: Essential for nursing mothers, these pillows help minimise discomfort during prolonged breastfeeding sessions by providing the necessary support and a more ergonomic position for the mother and baby. The pillow's U-shaped design also makes it useful for children in their developmental stages as they learn to sit independently. 
  2. Nursing Covers: Offering convenience and privacy, nursing covers are invaluable for discreet breastfeeding in public. Designed for ease and comfort, these are available in various styles to support a nursing mother and breastfeeding on the go. 
  3. Diaper Bags: Offering the versatility of a backpack, diaper bags also feature specialised compartments, such as insulated pockets for baby bottles, dedicated sections to store baby wipes, and separate sleeves for organising other baby essentials. 
  4. Baby Carriers: A handy accessory for keeping your baby close and allowing you to be hands-free, a baby carrier is designed to offer comfort for both parent and child. By making it easier to carry the baby and alleviating arm strain, these ensure convenience and closeness wherever you go. 


  1. Sleepwear: Options in sleepwear for the little ones range from sleepsuits with or without attached booties to trendy pyjama sets that blend both comfort and style for bedtime. 
  2. Baby Sleeping Bags: Ideal for little ones who tend to kick off their blankets at night, sleeping bags ensure they are wrapped comfortably for an uninterrupted night's sleep.  
  3. Mattress Set: A mattress set encompasses items such as a baby mattress, bolsters, and a baby pillow. When purchasing separately, consider opting for a mattress with TPU lamination to protect the bed from getting wet. 
  4. Pillow: Some types of baby pillows you can consider for your little one include mustard-seed pillows and head-shaping pillows, such as the interlock pillows by Mi Arcus. Ensure that these are appropriately sized for the little one's head and made from child-safe fabrics.  
  5. Blankets: When selecting a newborn blanket, consider the fabric that matches the specific season. Certain fabrics like muslin, single jersey, and interlock are gentle on baby's skin during warmer months, while knitted fabrics are suitable for all-weather use. For winter, opt for fabrics like Velboa, Sherpa, or Flurry. 
  6. Other Essentials: Other bedding essentials include items like portable nestopads, swaddle wraps, and mattress protectors. 


  • BABY SOFT TOYS: Ideal toys for newborns include rattle toys, noisy paper toys, and baby teethers that assist in their sensory skill development. For infants, you can consider adding activity cubes and security blankets to their toy collection. 


  1. Cots/cribs/cradles and an electronic swing bed to promote independent sleeping. 
  2. A diaper changing station to facilitate easy and comfortable nappy changes. 
  3. A baby high chair for the little one's first feeding sessions. 
  4. A stroller for a fun and comfortable exploration time with the baby. 

Tip: It is recommended that you prioritise options crafted from sustainably sourced materials such as natural wood or other child-safe materials and feature smooth, rounded edges or built-in safety accessories to keep kids safe and comfortable. 


  • BATHING ESSENTIALS: Ensure that you have the following bathing essentials ready for your little one: 
  1. Mild soap or baby-friendly skin cleanser 
  2. Gentle baby shampoo  
  3. Soft washcloths  
  4. A baby towel wrap or hooded baby towels  
  5. Playful bath toys  
  6. A stable baby bath seat  
  7. After-bath essentials like baby clothes, diapers, and moisturizing creams 


While this list may extend to include other items as well, having these on hand can help you establish the necessary nurturing environment and sail through the challenges of the first year hassle-free. So, if you're a new parent or expecting your first child, we're here to support you. Explore more helpful suggestions on our blog page at

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