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Comfort, Care & Style: A Guide to Newborn Baby Clothes - Mi Arcus

Comfort, Care & Style: A Guide to Newborn Baby Clothes

Comfort, Care & Style: A Guide to Newborn Baby Clothes

Welcoming a newborn home brings an unparalleled joy, second to none, just like stepping back into our own childhood and experiencing a deep sensitivity while caring for the delicate and new baby- soft as a cotton ball, with little hands, eyes, nose, and feet. What’s even more delightful is planning the purchase of clothes for newborns and dressing them up, much like we used to dress up dolls during our childhood. However, for first-time parents, the multitude of clothing options available can be a bit daunting and overwhelming, raising several questions in their minds, such as what one should buy and what the typical terminologies that come along with newborn clothing are. Unlike in the past when parents were more casual about baby clothes, modern times offer an extensive range of stylish clothing options even for newborns. 

 Continue reading to ensure you have a well-prepared list of newborn baby clothes ready for your little one’s arrival: 

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  • Baby Bodysuit and Romper: Bodysuits and rompers are typically the first clothes for any newborn. Available in a variety of options with or without attached booties, these one-piece garments are for day-to-night casual wear. Featuring snap buttons at the crotch and front, these outfits are designed for easy dressing and removal to ensure maximum comfort for the baby.  
  • Baby Sleepsuit: Featuring optional attached booties, baby sleepsuits are one-piece garments designed for easy and comfortable nighttime wear. Now available in a range of designs perfect for both casual wear at home and for taking your baby out at night for parties, you can find options for every occasion. Preferable fabrics for these include cotton for summer and blends of cotton, polyester, or viscose for pre-winter and winter seasons.  
  • Dungaree sets: Dungarees are in again! Whether for adults or even newborns, a pair of dungarees looks great on anyone. Perfect for outdoor looks, newborn dungarees often feature snap buttons at the crotch for easy nappy changing. So, you don’t have to choose between fashion and functionality—select your favourite pair of dungarees for the little ones and enjoy both. 
  • T-shirts, Shorts and Pyjamas: T-shirts, shorts, and pyjamas are wardrobe essentials for all ages. While shorts are perfect for the summer season, pyjamas come in a range of fabric blends to suit different seasons and skin types. T-shirts are also available in a variety of styles, featuring both short—and long-sleeve options and snap-button openings near the shoulder for easy wear.  
  • Newborn Baby Dresses: Available in a range of styles for all seasons, summer, pre-winter, and winter, it’s always delightful to watch baby girls adorned in dresses. So, the next time you’re stepping out either for a family gathering or an outdoor adventure, a baby dress is a beautiful choice you can consider for your little one.  
  • Jumpsuit: To add versatility to the newborn’s closet, you can also consider a zip-open jumpsuit for a stylish and practical option.  
  • Sweaters and Jackets: A winter essential, make sure you have a selection of your favourite sweaters, jackets, and thermals for your newborn’s wardrobe. Consider sweater options that feature shoulder snap-buttons for easy wearing and removal. Trendy style options include colourblock, jacquard knit, embroidered patterns, and stripe designs, along with reversible jackets with detachable hoods. 
  • Caps, Mittens, Socks, and Booties: To ensure your newborn is appropriately covered from head to toe, ensure you have an adequate supply of wardrobe accessories like socks, booties, caps, and mittens. While socks and booties are crucial for their little feet, mittens are particularly essential to keep their hands warm and prevent any accidental scratches. Stocking up on these essentials in the first month ensures the baby is always well covered. 

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Your One-Stop Solution for Babies in India: 

For parents seeking the best for their little ones, Mi Arcus provides a comprehensive range of clothing options for little ones aged 0-6 years, serving as your one-stop solution for kids in India. Whether you prefer the convenience of baby dress online shopping or the hands-on experience of shopping in-store, our selection of premium baby clothes in India is crafted with soft, non-toxic fabric blends to ensure the utmost safety for your little ones. As easy as 1,2,3, simply browse through our extensive collection on our website at or visit the nearest store in your city to choose your favourites and dress your newborn in the most adorable outfits. Happy shopping! 

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