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Explore a Vibrant World of Fun & Color: Discover Mi Arcus Playful Collection! - Mi Arcus

Explore a Vibrant World of Fun & Color: Discover Mi Arcus Playful Collection!

Explore a Vibrant World of Fun & Color: Discover Mi Arcus Playful Collection!

Flashback: we were little kids running around inside the house, full of life, full of happiness, and spreading joy wherever we went. Love flowed through us naturally, making every moment a magnificent weave of bliss, brimming with absolute delight and an abundance of playfulness! And this is what childhood truly represents, doesn’t it? Love, laughter, fun, vibrant colours, and endless play! Children, the very heart of our home infuse significance into the smallest things, breathing life into them. And so, inspired by the fascinating essence of these little wonders, we’ve embarked on a journey to reimagine their colourful world with our mesmerizing Playful Theme, encapsulating the essence of a vibrant and meaningful existence that celebrates the little joys of life! Scroll below to have a delightful glimpse of our latest collection:  

CLOTHING:  ▪ Dungaree Sets: Featuring delightful prints from cheerful elephants to happy and playful dogs, and even a jolly hippo, the comfy sets with a t-shirt/romper and a pair of dungarees in soft cotton are designed with straps and button fastening at the front, along with press studs near the crotch. 

Denim Joggers & Jeggings: Denim joggers and jeggings, featuring 4-way/360-degree stretch, ensure maximum flexibility and movement freedom. 

▪ Clothing Sets: Choose from our collection of colourful t-shirts/shirts and solid-coloured shorts; slumber sets with a matching top and bottom featuring delightful fruit designs; hoodie and shorts set with splattered prints; bucket hats; swimwear that features a blend of vibrant colours, and many more! 

BEDDING: With frog-filled marvellous designs and delightful fruits like bananas and pineapple prints, breathe new life into the bedding collection of your little one as they transport into a world of vibrant dreams. From sleeping bags, blankets, and swaddle wraps that transport them to a realm of cloud-like comfort to pillows and cushions that tenderly embrace their sleepy heads, our products blend cosiness with fun & style, capturing the playful spirit of your little treasures. 

FEEDING: Pullover Bib: Boasting a solid colour canvas adorned with mini embroidered fruit faces, each beaming with a smile, the pullover bibs feature a stretchable round neckline for easy put-on and removal.  

▪ Apron: Fluttering with lively prints of vibrant birds, the full-sleeve apron is a delightful blend of style and functionality. Featuring elasticized cuffs and knot closure at the back, it is the perfect companion to embrace messiness with grace. 

PLAYING: Immersing your little one in a world of wonder, our captivating Playful collection includes a colourful rainbow stacker, a noisy paper toy, and a treasure of animal plushies, including frogs, critters, caterpillars, dogs, lions, monkeys, and more, each personalized with a name and crafted from gentlest fabrics without a hint of plastic.  

BATHING: Making bathing a delightful and fun experience, prepare to be captivated as you step onto our bath mat, shaped like a semi-circle smiling sunset, designed with an anti-skid protector for added safety while wrapping your little one in smiles with our adorable hooded towel featuring a friendly frog face hood.  

Other Accessories and Products: With swim shoes adorned in funky colourful prints; dinnerware set featuring delightful fruit prints, enticing your little one to enjoy their first bites; a playful wire-weaved 'smile' decoration piece; and a multifunctional, colourful diaper bag with two-way usability as a backpack & handbag, we bring to you a wonderful collection of accessories and products that celebrate love, fun, and vibrant play. 

Play is the work of children, and that’s what our Playful collection is all about as well. Come join our happy club and get access to the world of love, fun, and lots of happiness!