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Mi Arcus: Celebrating 3 Years of Making Parenthood Joyful - Mi Arcus

Mi Arcus: Celebrating 3 Years of Making Parenthood Joyful

Mi Arcus: Celebrating 3 Years of Making Parenthood Joyful

Mi Arcus has turned 3 this month, and we couldn't be more thrilled!

Picture this: From a spark of inspiration to a beloved brand with a vision of 'Making Parenthood Joyful,' we have flourished from a dream into reality. A journey adorned with challenges, triumphs, and unforgettable memories; with each step forward, we have sown the seeds of happiness and nurtured the soil of love. Side by side, hand in hand, and heart in heart, we together have co-authored this beautiful tale of growth and love. Join us as we stroll down memory lane, reliving the enchanting journey of Mi Arcus from its humble beginnings to the cherished milestone of its 3rd year anniversary!


Chapter-1: The Birth of an Idea: Attending a scale-up event in Feb 2019, a spark of inspiration ignited in the hearts of our visionary founders. After three decades of working diligently in the same industry, the passionate minds behind Mi Arcus felt the urge to create something truly special. Inspired by their wealth of experience and fueled by a genuine love for babies and families, the idea of a unique baby brand was born, that could encompass not just products but also love, care, and wonder. 


Chapter- 2: Breathing Life into Dreams: After thorough research on the dynamics of product development, product designing, marketing development, and defining the sales channels, etc., a business plan took shape that gave birth to our brand name Mi Arcus – which means ‘My Rainbow’- symbolizing the joys and colours a baby brings when they first come into our life. Bringing dreams to life, we introduced our first-ever collections – Safari and Unicorn, and designed various products, including soft toys, blankets, swaddle wraps, gift sets, sleepsuits, baby bibs, and rompers. We were all excited to launch on 1st May 2020, but fate, as they say, had its own twists in store!


Chapter- 3: The Challenges Ahead Vs. The Resilient Spirit: As we enthusiastically waited to launch our brand in May 2020, the world was unexpectedly enveloped by a global lockdown. Undaunted, our team decided to face the challenges head-on, masterfully re-strategizing everything and working remotely during the year to triumphantly realize our goals.


Chapter-4: Embracing Change and Innovation: Instead of waiting for the better days, we ventured into the virtual world, collaborating with diverse e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Firstcry by the time July rolled in and unveiled our own website on 22nd August 2020, manned by a team of 5 people. Swiftly making strides, we successfully inaugurated our first physical store in the following year, further extending the reach of our dream to the doorstep of families everywhere.


Chapter 5: Sprouting With Love (Growth and Success): From our digital roots in 2020, Mi Arcus has bloomed into a parental paradise offering the finest products and experiences for the little ones. With an extensive range of thoughtfully crafted products, each designed to nurture every moment of childhood, we have continued to grow through the years: 2021 & 2022- embracing diverse categories, incorporating sustainable practices, and exploring new ways to serve our community. With unwavering determination and a united team, we are constantly evolving and have successfully made our mark on more than 14 e-commerce platforms, and today proudly stand as a thriving entity with a team of 100+ representatives nationwide, opening up 28 stores in the North region alone.


Chapter-6: Unfurling the Unwritten Chapters with a Grateful Heart: From those humble beginnings to this cherished milestone of our anniversary, we've sipped from the cup of determination and relished the fruits of our commitment. As we blow out the candles on our birthday cake, our hearts overflow with gratitude for the unwavering support, the laughter, and the tears of joy you've shared with us. Our community, our Mi Arcus family, has been the beating heart of this journey, breathing life into every design, every product we’ve crafted. To each one of you, who have played a part in this symphony, Thank you for being the rhythm of our melody! 


And so, dear friends, stay tuned for many more stories ahead as we emplane into the future, embarking on the next chapter with a renewed spirit and lots of love, eager to create new memories with you and be your cherished companion in the wondrous journey of parenthood.

Happy 3rd Anniversary to our Mi Arcus family! Stay Tuned, as the best is yet to come! 

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