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Back to School – The memories that will never fade. - Mi Arcus

Back to School – The memories that will never fade.

Back to School – The memories that will never fade.

The memories that will never fade. The smells and feel of going to the next class.

The beginning of a new academic session brings with it many rays of Hope. Happiness and Harmony.

That from what I still recall, was all about being slightly nervous, very excited, and going through mixed feelings of feeling a bit brave, going through some jitters, and of course an overall feeling of accomplishment and achievement, for me and for my parents as well.  

How many of you recall and remember this feeling, of walking into a new class almost like a stranger? Do you remember that feeling of walking into your new classroom each year? That moment when you get to see who your new class teacher and your classmates. Some old faces and some new ones too.  

The thought of writing this post came up as we got ready to pack our little boy for his first formal school. At MiArcus, we celebrate these small moments of happiness while growing up. Why don’t you all share your most vivid and favorite memory of “going back to school”.

Thinking about my school memories, it had me smiling, laughing, and feeling nostalgic. Some of the memories I reminisce about are:

– Back to school clothes shopping was my favorite! My siblings and I would each get one special day to go out to lunch with our parents and pick out a few new things. I always loved picking out a new backpack.

– Buying a school bag played such an integral part in starting a new session. School life starts with a school bag and ends with a school bag. From selecting your new favorite school bag, to filling it with books and finally carrying them on your shoulder on the first day; it is part of the most beautiful journey.

– Sitting on the table, covering my textbooks with paper with my mum, putting

name stickers on them and trying to write our names on them as beautifully as we can.

– Organizing school supplies in my new school bag, especially my pencil box with carefully placed sharpened pencils and erasers.

– Going for ice cream with my family before school begins.

– And the excitement began when the words “school night” were used.

Looking at my child entering this new phase in her life fills me with equal parts excitement and equal parts nervousness. But let’s make certain that we don’t project our fears or nervousness in our young ones, and let them forge their own path in this new journey.

– I have decided to start with positive behavior management. I’ve realized negative feedback isn’t the way to go. Just establishing good practices and routines to keep everything in line with gentle reminders.

– Following a plan for a couple of days before the start of a new session till the child develops a rhythm for the school.

– Giving extra attention and listening ears to the child at the start.

– Also, take some time for yourself like treating with a cup of coffee or tea, a massage, or a pedicure; as the first few weeks are tough.

– And most importantly, “School of Self Love”. Teaching our children to love themselves and why it’s so important.

I hope your first few days of school go smoothly with few stressors and that your children are amazing little learners!

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