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World Milk Day - Milking the Wonders of the Creamy Delight, Let’s Talk Milk!!  - Mi Arcus

World Milk Day - Milking the Wonders of the Creamy Delight, Let’s Talk Milk!! 

World Milk Day - Milking the Wonders of the Creamy Delight, Let’s Talk Milk!! 

What is “Milk”, but a timeless dietary treasure cherished by billions across the globe, milk has an omnipresent presence, as it accompanies us in all ages, from infancy to adulthood.  

And rightfully so, because of  its profound significance as a global food, there is a special dedicated day to this drink,  in 2001,  the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nation  was announced to celebrate Milk across the globe, and ever since then on the 1ST OF June has been momentously celebrated worldwide as “Milk Day”  in order to raise the public consciousness about the multifaceted wonders of natural milk such as origin, nutritional value, and the economic importance of milk and dairy products throughout the world across all ages.  Milk does serve as an instant reservoir of energy for the body, enriched with a wealth of proteins and essential nutrients like magnesium, calcium, riboflavin, Vitamin A, folates, healthy fats, and Vitamin D. Listed below are some specific benefits of Milk for your precious little one. 

Embracing the Milky Way - A few benefits of milk:  

▪ Rich in Calcium: A bountiful delight and a treasure trove of essential vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium, milk is vital in enhancing our bone health. As recommended by several nutritionists, having milk and other dairy products, such as yoghurt, in our everyday life is essential to a balanced diet, paving the way for robust health.  

▪ Protection against tooth decay: Reducing oral acidity and plaque formation and stimulating saliva flow, milk and dairy products act as a guardian of the enamel castle and shield against tooth decay.  

▪ Skin Glow: Milk possesses the ability to enhance the glow of our precious epidermis, serving as a natural moisturizer of extraordinary prowess. A tender nurturer of our skin's supple vitality, even in the bygone eras, Indian nobility would bathe in its creamy richness during special occasions.  

The Significance of Breastfeeding:  

Serving as a miraculous elixir and assuming a magnificent role in nurturing your little one, nothing compares to the extraordinary benefits of breast milk. A powerhouse of essential nutrients, supplying it in perfect harmony and proportion, breast milk serves as a gentle companion for your little one's delicate digestion while also bestowing them with invaluable anti-bodies, shielding them from a multitude of ailments like diarrhea, tummy troubles, and pesky infections. Recommended by World Health Organisation for up to 6 months exclusively, starting at the first hour of a baby's life, breast milk embraces a pure, safe and natural way to nourish infants But, despite the unwavering support and recommendations of WHO, the rate of exclusive breastfeeding remain dishearteningly low. Thus, it becomes incumbent upon us as individuals to heighten our awareness levels and take small and significant steps to safeguard our children right from birth, otherwise, we run the risk of hampering their health in the long run.  

▪ The right amount of breastfeeding:" Infants should be breastfed on demand – which means, that every time there is the slightest indication that the baby wants to be fed, please do. t Please ensure that the need for milk is not replaced with feeding bottles, teats or pacifiers "   

▪ When is the right time to introduce complementary foods in your baby's diet? 

As per the recommendation of WHO: "From the age of 6 months, children should begin eating safe and adequate complementary foods while continuing to breastfeed for up to two years of age and beyond." 

We at MiArcus understand the significance and the beauty of this bond which a mother and a child build over milk, for us this is a moment which needs to be wrapped in care and comfort,  which is why we have especially created a wide range of of bibs and nursing scarves, so that when you are feeding your baby, you too feel good and happy and breastfeeding time becomes a  great time to bond.  

Click here to explore the world of baby gear you need, designed exclusively to make feeding time a breeze as you embrace the simplicity of nourishing your little one! 

Happy Milk Day to all of our readers. 

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