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Baby Feeding is a task in itself for the new mom. Having a feeding set for babies helps to organize food items according to the need and quantity. Whether you are breast feeding or using milk formula, these kits are useful and handy.

A good collection of Baby Feeding Set comprises of the following items

Feeding Bottles,

Collection of nipples

Bottle warmer





Baby Feeding Chairs


Cleaning Brush

Soft hand towels

For the new mom, some of the feeding items are breast pump, feeding bras, breast milk storage bags, etc.

A good feeding habit is to feed the baby only when it is hungry. Normally it will be about 7 to 9 times a day for an infant. Each feed for a new born will be about 30ml to 50ml of milk at a time.

From an infant up to 7 or 12 months, babies are better fed by mothers. After that age babies start to learn using fingers, spoons and forks to ear by themselves from a cup or a plate. They also are able to sit on the feeding chair which has a table attached and locked so the baby don’t fall down while trying to eat.

Self Feeding With Fingers

Babies graduate from eating with their fingers first. They pick up items kept on the plate usually in small quantities. So a plate with segregated parts for two or three items will make them learn which part has which food item. Keeping small quantities of 2 or 3 items makes it easy for them to pick up and eat. At this age food items can include cooked rice mixed with ghee and dhal, small quantities of fruits without skin, boiled vegetables without spice, etc.

Self Feeding With Spoons

From feeding with their fingers, babies move on to the next step by using spoons to feeding themselves. By this time, they are able to hold things in their hands and has a grip on things they hold. Baby Feeding spoons are made specially so that it does not harm them while holding or putting in its mouth. It does not have sharp edges. Also these spoons and forks are made chemical and lead free so it is safe for them to handle. Soups, mashed vegetables, mashed rice, noodles are some of the foods which are easy for babies to eat with spoons and forks. Harmless and unbreakable cups and plates are designed for Baby Feeding which can be introduced to them during this stage.

Safe Melamine And Bamboo Baby Dinner Sets To Order Online

For the best Baby Feeding Sets to buy online, is the place to go for a beautiful range of Melamine and Bamboo Dinnerware exclusively made for your little ones in fantastic colours and cure flower and vegetable prints. MiArcus Baby Dinnerware set comprises of a plate, a bowl, a tumbler, a spoon and fork which are perfectly safe even if your toddler bites it.

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