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5 Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping for New born Baby Clothing - Mi Arcus

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping for New born Baby Clothing

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping for New born Baby Clothing

Newborns or infants are the most beautiful creatures. With ultra-soft and delicate skin, these babies need special care and attention when it comes to their clothing. Today, we will share some quick tips to follow while heading to get a newborn baby clothing.

There are many parents who find it really challenging and confusing when it comes to buying clothes for their little bundle of joys. Instead, buying clothes for them is actually an exciting task. Read on to know what factors to consider while shopping for infant clothing.

Skin-friendly Fabric:

First thing first, get a skin-friendly fabric that suits your baby's sensitive and smooth skin. Always remember infants' skin is many times softer than adults, so the fabric should be soft on babies to avoid any harsh, scratchy rashes or so. Cotton is reckoned as an ideal option for babies' clothing. Also, as cotton gets shrunk a bit, so it is advised to get one size bigger than the actual infant size.

Weather Priority:

Always pick clothes according to prevailing weather conditions. In winter, you can get onesies or one-piece outfits that keep babies warm from top to toe. For summers, you can choose cotton tees with soft cotton shorts and keep them cool.

Breathable Clothes:

Get your babies comfortable and breathable clothes. Avoid collars and patches on clothes that usually are uncomfortable for babies. Also, pick the tee or upper that has proper space to get in the baby's head.

Appealing Hues:

Gone are the days when specifically pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Make your child look appealing and attractive in all colours.

Appropriate Size:

Don't buy too big or too small size for your kid. It is advisable to pick only one-two sizes ahead of the actual baby size. This is because babies grow very quickly. Therefore, pick the right size and save your time and money.