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5 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Baby Crockery

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Baby Crockery

Getting your baby to move from just liquid food to a solid food diet is a big milestone for any parent. However, it is also quite a challenging task as babies are not the most acquiescent of beings. They will protest, play with their food, spit it out, cry, push their plates away, etc. when you try to give them solid food easily. One of the things can help make this transition easier for you and the baby is choosing the right crockery.

Cute baby crockery can not only make the food more appealing to babies, but it can also save parents and effort that they spend in feeding their little ones. Here are a few things to keep in mind while purchasing baby crockery -

  1. Choose crockery made of unbreakable material - It is not unusual for babies to push their plates from their high chairs and fling their sporks away if they get hold of them. So, buying crockery made of an unbreakable material like silicone or bamboo would be a prudent decision. Moreover, these materials are eco-friendly. 
  2. Look for just one plate with divisions - From the perspective of practicality, managing separate plates and bowls is a hassle.  So, select a plate that has divisions for putting different dishes. 
  3. No sharp edges - While buying spoons, forks and sporks, make sure that these items do not have any sharp edges for the safety of your baby. Buy multiple pairs so that even if a spoon or fork is dirty, you can simply get another one instead of turning to your regular cutlery for feeding the toddler. 
  4. Do not buy painted crockery - Steel crockery often has designs painted on it, Try not to buy crockery with painted designs, as the paint is bound to have some chemicals in it, which will get mixed in your baby’s food over time. Furthermore, paint will fade or get chipped upon repeated washing and the crockery will begin to look unappealing.  
  5. Check if the crockery is dishwasher friendly - Getting your baby to eat the meal you have prepared for them is just the first part of the task. The cleaning that follows up is equally challenging. If you use a dishwasher for doing dirty dishes, then check if the baby crockery is dishwasher-friendly as it will save you some effort. 

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