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4 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Baby Windcheaters - Mi Arcus

4 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Baby Windcheaters

4 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Baby Windcheaters

Windcheaters are a winter essential for all babies. They keep the baby warm and protect them from wind, rain and cold when parents step out with them, apart from making them look super cute and cuddlesome. Therefore, every parent must invest in a couple of good baby windcheaters. 

Here are 5 tips for buying baby windcheaters -

  1. Get a size that's larger than their shirt and sweater size - Windcheaters are meant to be worn as a top layer, which means that the baby will have layers of clothes underneath - a thermal vest, shirt and sweater for sure. So, if the windcheater is exactly of the right size, then it might feel a little too tight over all those layers of clothes. So, buy a larger size of the windcheater so that it fits comfortably.
  2. Move the baby's arms after putting on the windcheater - Quilted windcheaters are great, but if they are too fluffy, they might cause difficulty in movement for the baby and make them uncomfortable. So, move the arms of the baby to see if the windcheater allows comfortable movement. You will realize if it feels too tight. Go for a larger size if that’s the case. 
  3. Go for a windcheater with a hood - Caps are not always the best option for covering a baby's head as it is hard to hold caps in place, and even babies can pull them off and fling them away. A windcheater with a hood will save you the hassle of making the baby wear a separate cap. If it's too cold, then the baby can wear a cap with the windcheater hood on top of it for double protection against the weather and to hold the cap in place. 
  4. Check for waterproof material - We know that as a responsible parent, you will try your best to avoid taking your baby out when the weather is bad. But in case, an emergency arises and you have to do it, keep a waterproof windcheater for your baby at hand. Ensure that the material of the windcheater is waterproof, so that in case you get caught in rain, the water does not reach the baby’s clothes, and the baby remains dry. 

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