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FAQ - Soft Toys


Q1) What are other names for soft toys?  


Ans) Soft toys are also popularly known by other names, such as plushies, plush toys, stuffed toys, stuffies, and cuddle toys, in some places.  


Q2) Which toys can I give to a newborn baby or infant?   


Ans) Rattle toys, noisy paper toys, and baby teethers, which engage multiple senses like touch, sight, taste, and hearing all at once, make fantastic gifts for newborns to foster their sensory skill development. Apart from these, you can also consider adding toys like activity cubes, security blankets, etc., to the toy collection for newborn babies and infants (0-12M).   


Q3) Which toys can I give to toddlers or kids in their early years of growth?  


Ans) Kids in their growing years love running around and exploring new things in their surroundings. You can consider exploring play mats, play rugs, and plush toys online at These are available in various sizes and themes, tailored for their age, and all with a strong focus on ensuring the child’s safety.  


Q4) Which company is best for soft toys?  


Ans) Mi Arcus is a one-stop destination for all things babies and kids. A kids’ brand with a vision dedicated to ‘Making Parenthood Joyful,’ you can explore an extensive collection of apparel and non-apparel products alongside theme-based soft toys, wooden toys, rugs, play mats, and many more, all crafted from child-safe and non-toxic materials. With options tailored for ages 0 to 6 years, there’s something for every little one.  


Q5) What is the most popular soft toy? 


Ans) While teddy bears are classic favourites of everyone in the soft toy world, elephant toys are equally capturing the hearts of children. Infusing personal and human-like connection to non-living playmates, the current trend in personalized toys, such as those offered by brands like Mi Arcus, featuring names like Stampy—the elephant—or Perk—the penguin—has also been increasing.   


Q6) What are the types of soft toys I can buy online in India?  


Ans) You can choose from a range of soft toys depending on the specific features you're looking for.  

For instance, theme-specific toys like stuffed animal toys are designed to bring joy in playtime while introducing kids to the animal kingdom. Additionally, character-themed toys inspired by different comics, movies, series, etc., are also popular worldwide. For instance, the Snoopy soft toy inspired by the timeless Peanuts comic strip is adored universally by kids and adults alike.   


Q7) Are toys designed for specific age groups? 


Ans) While all ages can enjoy soft toys, certain toys are designed with specific age groups in mind. For instance, rattle toys are specifically designed to develop the fine and gross motor skills of newborn babies and infants and also include safety features to accommodate their tendency to put things in their mouths. Conversely, activity toys are crafted for toddlers to help them learn about different textures, shapes, etc., during playtime.   


Q8) Are soft toys for boys and girls different? 


Ans) Toys for different genders typically share few differences, yet some are often crafted to cater to specific genders based on common preferences worldwide. For instance, soft toys for boys might feature animal toys such as lions, elephants, and crocodiles, along with cars, usually in blue tones. On the other hand, soft toys for girls commonly include dolls, bunnies, and similar options. Despite the distinctions, there's a growing trend in creating toys that are gender-neutral, inclusive, and suitable for both boys and girls.  


Q9) What features should I look for when purchasing soft toys for kids? 


Ans) Consider some of the following features when buying soft toys for kids: 

  • Material: Make thoughtful choices and select toys that are non-toxic, plastic-free, made with lightweight materials, and child-safe. 
  • Age and Size: Choose toys that align with your child’s age and are sized appropriately for them to handle easily.   
  • Quality and Durability: Ensure the toy’s stitching and construction are appropriately done. 
  • Washing and Cleaning Considerations: Opt for toys that are easy to clean and care for, especially for children under the age of 12 months. 


Q10) What are the benefits of toys for babies and infants? 


Ans) Children learn most effectively in their early years, as their sharp senses swiftly absorb information. In addition to nurturing sensory skill development through touch, squeezing, or shaking, these toys also serve as one of their first emotional support systems, helping them feel safe and secure as they navigate through separation anxiety over time.  

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