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Feeding Pillow- Baby Breastfeeding Pillow

FAQ - Maternity Essentials

Q1) How do I choose the right maternity pillow? 

Ans) Keep the following factors in mind when making your selection:  

  • Purpose: While pregnancy pillows offer support during pregnancy, feeding pillows are designed to facilitate easy and comfortable breastfeeding of newborns.  
  • Size: Select a size that aligns with your comfort preferences and be mindful of your bed size and other relevant considerations during the purchase.   
  • Material: Choose a pillow with a firm and durable material that can maintain its shape. Additionally, opt for a pillow that provides a soft feel to avoid any discomfort.  
  • Shape: When selecting a pillow for sleeping, consider your sleeping position and opt for a pregnancy sleeping pillow that provides optimal comfort.  

Q2)When should I start using a maternity pillow? 

Ans) The decision of when to start using a maternity pillow is entirely based on your comfort and needs. Tailor your use to its intended purpose and comfort. For example, you can decide to buy and use a full-length maternity body pillow when changing sleeping positions becomes challenging. Similarly, feeding pillows are most beneficial during nursing sessions, as the name implies.  

Q3) What materials are used in the Mi Arcus maternity pillows? 

Ans) With a commitment to prioritising comfort, Mi Arcus maternity pillows feature a soft 100% cotton outer blend and a plush, resilient filling, guaranteeing a gentle and comfortable feel against your skin.  

Q4) How to wash a maternity sleeping pillow or maternity cushion?   

Ans) Mi Arcus offers maternity pillows with a removable outer cover that can be gently machine-washed to ensure consistent cleanliness and hygiene. However, it is recommended that you check the care guide provided along with the pillow or visit our website for comprehensive wash care details.  

Q5)What clothes are suitable for pregnancy? 

Ans) Expectant mothers should opt for loose, comfortable, and stretchable clothes that ensure easy breathability and can accommodate the growing belly. Soft materials, such as cotton, are particularly favoured for their gentle touch on the skin. You can also consider different maternity wear alternatives like multipurpose tops and pyjama sets that offer comfort and can seamlessly transition to serving both during pregnancy and later when a mother needs to feed her newborn.  

Q6) What is the difference between a throw and a blanket? 

Ans) Throws typically cannot replace the function of blankets. However, throw blankets are more often valued for their lightweight and trendy features that help elevate the aesthetic of your bedding or envelop yourself in comfort while enjoying a good book on the couch. These throw blankets typically measure around 50x60 inches in size, providing both flair and cosiness without the bulk associated with traditional blankets. 

Q7) Can diaper bags be used as maternity bags? 

Ans) Diaper bags feature spacious and multiple pockets that provide a convenient and efficient way to carry all the necessary items for baby care while on the go. Multi-functional, having one by your side will help ensure you’re well-prepared with all the essential items at your fingertips as you make your way to the hospital to welcome your newest family member.  

Q8) What are the types of pregnancy pillows? 

Ans) Pregnancy Pillow Options:   

  • Day and night pregnancy pillow / V-shaped maternity pillow: This is a medium-sized option that supports different sleeping or work-mode positions, offering back, leg, or stomach support. 
  • Contour pregnancy pillow: Shaped like a crescent and designed to support a lateral sleeping position, this pillow can also be repurposed as a feeding pillow for the baby. 

Q9) How are Mi Arcus maternity pillows different from those offered by other brands? 

Ans) Mi Arcus offers an extensive range of maternity pillows made from skin-friendly and non-toxic materials. With multiple multi-functional designs to choose from, expecting mothers can find a safe and comfortable option in one convenient place, suitable for use even after pregnancy. 

Q10) Which pillow can be used for comfortably feeding the baby? 

Ans) Comfortable feeding pillow options include: 

  • U-shaped feeding pillow: Besides providing a cosy and supportive base for nursing and breastfeeding sessions, this specially crafted pillow for feeding also offers comfortable back and tummy support for your baby’s developmental milestones.  
  • Milk Boss Breastfeeding Pillow: A lightweight and thoughtfully engineered newborn feeding pillow choice, this pillow helps reduce arm strain by lifting your baby into a more comfortable and supportive posture during breastfeeding. 
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