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FAQ - Clothing

Q1) What clothes should babies wear?  

Ans) Babies have delicate and sensitive skin and thus require careful consideration when choosing clothing fabrics. Opt for ultra-soft clothing fabrics appropriate for their age, such as newborn wrap-over sets, baby onesies, bodysuits, sleepsuits, rompers, and baby mittens to keep their hands covered. For winter, options like jackets, sweatshirt sets, dungaree sets, and more can also be considered. 

Q2) What fabrics are best for baby summer clothes?  

Ans) Keep your baby comfortable in the scorching summer by choosing gentle, soft, and breathable fabrics for their skin. Soft blends like cotton, muslin, interlock, single-jersey, waffle-knit, woven, and rib-knit are popular choices for the summer season.  

Q3) How to care for baby clothes?  

Ans) Here are some tips for caring for baby clothes:   

  • Follow the brand label instructions for wash and care. 
  • Always wash new clothes before using them.  
  • Ensure there are no signs of detergent smells or irritants when dressing your baby.  
  • Ensure that the clothes are thoroughly dried before dressing the baby and that no residual moisture is left.  
  • Keep the area where baby clothes are stored clean and properly sanitized.  


Q4) What is 360-degree denim? 


Ans) Introducing for the first time in India, the Mi Arcus 360-degree denim for Kids combines the style of jeans and the comfort of yoga pants, featuring 4-way stretchability, luxurious softness, user-friendliness, and wrinkle resistance. 


Q5) What fabrics should I consider for baby winter clothes? 


Ans) For winter baby clothes, consider fabric blends with higher G.S.M, like brushed fleece, french-terry, flurry fabric, corduroy, and quilted materials. 


Q6) Is the size 3-6 months the same as 6 months? 


Ans) The different size ranges are made to fit children in specific age groups as specified. For example, sizes 3-6 months are made for babies up to 6 months old. 


Q7) How do I choose the right size clothes for my child? 


Ans) Refer to the standard size information available on the website. To ensure a better fit, consider your child's weight and height in addition to their age when choosing the right size clothes. 


Q8) What month do you start wearing maternity clothes? 

 Ans) The decision of when to start wearing maternity clothes is entirely up to you. Typically, you can decide to switch when your regular clothes feel tight or uncomfortable. Maternity clothes can also be worn during and after pregnancy for nursing care. 

Q9) What kind of maternity clothes should I purchase? 

Ans) Consider opting for loose and comfortable maternity clothes. Typically, clothes made from stretchable and soft fabric blends like cotton and elastane are ideal. Also, look for pieces with long-term usability, such as all-weather clothes and double-layered tops for easy nursing. 
Q10) Which company is best for baby clothes?  

Ans) A leading kids’ brand from India, Mi Arcus offers an all-encompassing range of baby and kids products for ages 0-6 years. Carefully designed to ensure the safety of the little ones, the baby and kids’ clothing at Mi Arcus is thoughtfully organised into theme-based distinct collections and made with ultra-soft and non-toxic fabrics that are gentle on their delicate skin. 

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