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Winter Fashion For Kids You Wouldn’t Want to Miss Out On - Mi Arcus

Winter Fashion For Kids You Wouldn’t Want to Miss Out On

Winter Fashion For Kids You Wouldn’t Want to Miss Out On

Tipi Tipi Top, which color do you want??? 

Why limit to just one when you can have all of them? 😉 

The winter chill is here, painted with its blues. But shading it in blues, yellows, or even lively greens is pretty much our choice! isn’t it? (wink, wink). Picture this: Your world, your choice, your favourite colors! Everything perfect to turn the chilly season into a colorful canvas of warmth and happiness. How? By embracing all things that are cozy and cool at the same time! 

Our Mantra: At Mi Arcus, we believe in welcoming every season with style and new collections inspired by a myriad of themes, learning experiences, and the latest in baby fashion. And so, as the breezy chill sets in, this year, we've curated something truly special for our Mi Arcus tots, celebrating kindness, the freshness of the farms, the chill of the frosty winters, and the magic of the misty dews! Keep reading to unravel the world of our latest winter collections and the stories they hold! 

FARM FRIENDS: Infusing the Farm Spirit in the Kids World: 

Ever wished to escape to the tranquility of the countryside with your little ones? Now, you can bring it right into your home. Showcasing adorable little ducks, cute cows, colorful tractors, and cute piglets, our new collection is designed to capture and enchant the little ones' imaginations. Be it their meal or drool time mishaps, a night of cozy sleep, an hour of fun playtime, or their first time drinking some milk in a bottle, it has everything from baby bibs, cozy blankets, cardigans, farm-inspired toys, and bottle covers to add warmth and style to every facet of your child's early years. 

Misty Collection: The Art of Layered Winter Fashion

Misty mornings and snowflakes adding to the beauty of the winter season inspire the Misty collection. It may be freezing cold outside, but keeping the young adventures indoors, Gosh! That can be quite a challenge! But what better way than enveloping them in layers of warmth and cozy comfort? If you’re a parent who wants to layer up your kiddo in the winter cold or someone who embraces the trend of solid shades, our ‘’Misty Collection’’ is for you! With warmly knitted kids thermal wear, snuggly sweatshirt hoodies, baby jackets, pyjamas, sleepsuits, and more, this collection provides an array of options that blend seamlessly with any outfit. 

Frosty'z: Unleash The Magic of Colors and Art 

Art, creativity, colors – our Frosty’z Collection is a carnival of fun and whimsy. Transforming simple things into masterpieces adorned with works of art and lovable characters such as owls, cheerful cats, cuddly bears, playful seals, lively zebras and more, the Frosty’z Collection features colorful and imaginative designs to transform each day into an exhilarating adventure. 

Grow Kind: More Than Just Merchandise 

Warmth extends beyond the clothes we wear, the toys we play with, or the products we use, and our “Grow Kind’’ Collection embodies this sentiment. Featuring cozy knitted sweaters, gentle and secure rugs with a firm grip for tiny feet, toys, storage baskets, blankets, dungaree sets, sleeping bags, and more, this collection champions the values of kindness, compassion, love, and empathy with unique messages and designs while ensuring your little ones stay snug and content.  

What makes these collections stand out? 

Do you remember our previous blog post, where we discussed the all-too-common practice of bundling up our little ones for winter while neglecting their fashion sense? That sentiment still holds true. 

Every parent has unique preferences, and embracing these differences with love, every collection is infused with a distinct charm, allowing you to select the one that resonates most with your child's personality while emphasizing different values and learnings, and ensuring comfort, care, quality, and safety! 

In a world where fashion trends ebb and flow like the tides and the winds of change constantly blow, our latest collections embrace the rebirth of the “New Season” with “New Picks” and “Rekindled Inspiration”, all the while staying devoted to the timeless formula “Old is Gold”, weaving the age-old heartwarming love while crafting the products and ensuring your child’s safety is paramount in our designs. And of course, we also have options for mommies who still prefer lots of layers, because enough warm layers... said no Mommy ever ;)  

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