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Our Co-Founder, Preeti Chugh pens an emotional note... - Mi Arcus

Our Co-Founder, Preeti Chugh pens an emotional note...

Our Co-Founder, Preeti Chugh pens an emotional note...

Our Co-Founder, Preeti Chugh pens an emotional note about the relationship she shares with her baby and how she traversed through the waters of parenthood.

"It’s been ten years since my son first came into the world, but even when I recollect and write this out, I get all emotional. Recalling the endearing memories of the day and the moment I learnt I was pregnant, I’m immediately reminded of the surge of excitement and all the emotions I was feeling. Suddenly there was an air of joy, celebration and everything overwhelming. As an expectant mother, I was living in my own world with a very positive frame of mind, and I was sure that my positivity will impact the fetus inside me, which was getting bigger and rounder by the day. The journey of these nine months was quite a package deal- of good days, low days, days filled with extreme apprehension and also being totally engulfed with the reality that motherhood is only a few trimesters away. It was during this time when I took extra care of myself and my family around me was equally concerned about my rest and diet, and this is exactly when a silent bond got formed between my baby and me. I was ready to protect him forever. The first time I held my newborn felt magical and that little frail body wrapped up in my palms- showered me with a sense of responsibility and promises I made with him for a lifetime, filled with nothing but the best for him and a life full of love and all things good. While I was full of happiness and love, amidst these fluctuating emotions, I also went through a brief separation anxiety, as my two-day-old was nursed into the NICU due to jaundice. This separation left me feeling lifeless and cold… all my labour pain paled in comparison to the pain my baby was going through in the hospital emergency. It was at this point, I realized that all my trauma and pain were due to the immediate bond my baby had built with me - it was pure love and a connection that is the most beautiful, that of a mother and her child. In 24 hours, I went through an experience that taught me the beauty and the pain of the deepest attachment of life."

I’m sure you also have your own story of the many experiences you’ve had with your child and the special people who make and have made this phase of life the most memorable. Making our bonds stronger and connections deeper,

I invite you to share your stories with us and we will be delighted to share them here. Please write to us at

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