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Must-Haves & What to Keep in Mind While Packing a Maternity Bag - Mi Arcus

Must-Haves & What to Keep in Mind While Packing a Maternity Bag

Must-Haves & What to Keep in Mind While Packing a Maternity Bag

Whether you are running errands, catching up on a movie night, or embarking on a family trip, there is one thing that every parent knows not to leave home without – the diaper bags or nappy bags. It is the magical genie’s lamp of parenthood, holding everything you need to care for your baby while on the move. But what exactly should you pack in the baby bags, and what should you keep in mind while doing so...that is a checklist all parents should be prepared with! To ensure you are always ready, we sought advice from seasoned Mi Arcus parents, creating this must-have maternity bag list just for you.    

Our Top Picks of Maternity Bag Must Haves from The Parents for The Parents: 

Disposable / Cloth Diapers: Of course, the first thing you think of when packing baby nappy bags or maternity bags is, well, diapers! Ensure you have an appropriate number of disposable or cloth diapers, considering absorbency, ease of use, other standout features, if any, and your baby's age and requirements.   

 Diapering Essentials: In addition to diapers, don't forget these diapering must-haves: 

  • Baby Wipes: Essential for cleaning your baby's sensitive face, hands, and bottoms, baby wipes are a must-have in every diaper bag. However, instead of carrying those bulky packs, consider opting for a compact 15-30 wipe pack that suits your immediate needs while on the move. 
  • Baby Cream: Wearing diapers for long hours can result in rashes. A safeguard against diaper-related skin irritations, it is imperative to have rash cream on hand to soothe your little one and protect their delicate skin. 
  • Wet Bags and Disposable Bags: Handy and lightweight, including a wet bag and disposable bags allow you to neatly stow wet clothes, items, or used cloth diapers. Adept at containing unpleasant odours, these bags are easy to use for managing messy things.  
  • Portable Changing Sheet: The diaper changing sheet, featuring a water-repelling shield that prevents leakage, makes diaper changing a breeze. Providing your baby with a comfortable, sanitary spot for changing diapers, a diaper changing sheet is an invaluable item in your changing bags, especially for travels where bathroom facilities may not be readily available.    

 Feeding Essentials: Keep the following feeding items ready: 

  • Snacks and feeding supplies: Ensure that you customize and pack your selection of snacks and feeding provisions suitable for your child to keep them well-fed. You can also consider carrying your infant a bottle of lukewarm milk and water   
  • Bibs and Burp Cloth: Bibs and burp cloths serve as dependable guards that shield both baby's and parent’s clothes from messy meals and drool. Ensure that you select the right bibs appropriate for your baby’s age.  
  • Nursing Cover: For infants who are still on the mother’s feed, you might want to bring a nursing cover and any essentials that help you relax during feeding.   
  • Extra Clothing: When it comes to those unexpected diaper blowouts, it is wise to have a backup plan – pack an extra set of clothing for both your baby and you. In addition to a diaper cover, you can include a onesie, socks, and a hat (optional) for an extra layer of protection for your baby and a pair of bottoms and a top for yourself. No need to fret but stay prepared!    
  • Comfort Items: For your child’s comfort, consider including a selection of small toys (1-2 will do), a cuddly security blanket/cuddle cloth, and a pacifier to keep your little one calm and entertained. A convenient baby wrap will also help keep your kid covered and warm.    

 Personal Well-being Essentials & Others: Even if you're a master at packing for your little one, it's easy to overlook your must-haves. Be sure to include your phone, charger, a comb, sunscreen, cream, hand sanitizer, feminine hygiene products (if required), and anything else that caters to YOUR well-being.  

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What to Keep in Mind When Filling Your Diaper Bag: 

  1. Keep it Organized: Ensure that the items placed inside the diaper bag are easily accessible, avoiding the common mistake of haphazard packing or stuffing the bag. After all, what's the value of items you can't locate when you need them? A valuable tip is to opt for a bag with separate compartments and place the items in distinct, stackable layers.  
  1. Regular Cleaning: Do not overlook the importance of cleanliness. A diaper bag houses your baby's essentials and neglecting it can lead to unwanted bacteria and infections. Rest assured, dressing your little one in dirty clothes and diapers is a scenario best avoided.  
  1. Restock & Refresh: After each use, make it a habit to restock your diaper bag and update the essential items to match the season change and your baby’s evolving needs.  
  1. Choosing the Right Bag: Selecting the right diaper bag isn't as simple as it seems. It's a crucial choice that will serve you during your baby's early years. Consider looking for a bag that blends functionality with style, featuring elements like zip locks, diverse compartments, the versatility to convert into a backpack or handbag, ample space, and easy-to-clean, water-repellent attributes.  
  1. Avoid Overstuffing: Picture your diaper bag as a dependable safety net, packed with all the essentials that keep your on-the-go journey hassle-free. Remember, it’s not a bottomless suitcase for endless items. So, be careful about your bag choice and its contents.  


Remember: Your choice of diaper bag is an investment in convenience and peace of mind. So, as you venture into this adventurous journey of a thousand emotions, let it serve as a constant support in Making Parenthood Joyful! 

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