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Feeding a new born baby is a very difficult task for every mom or nanny. The baby does not know how to eat and every time when you feed, some of the food comes out of the mouth, causing a mess for with the food falling on the dress, floor, etc.  In earlier days, we used to use a towel to put it around the neck, which was difficult to hold and always falling. So having a stock of Bibs is a must for any mother with a just born baby.

Bibs are a necessary part of baby clothing can be introduced from the first two weeks of birth. The first stage of feeding is usually mother’s milk and bottled milk. A Bib is very useful when the milk spills from the mouth and also to keep the mouth dry as and when the baby spits the milk. Having new born’s wear a Bib saves a lot of time in changing the clothes often and washing it many times.

Baby Bibs comes in many fancy shapes and colours for the ages 1 week to 3 months. Bibs are specially made of soft clothes like cotton and polyster. Bibs are available in attractive colours,  pretty designs, cool prints and different trendy shapes which gives the baby a cute look and protects them at the same time. Baby Bib in solid and patterns are available and can be chosen to match the dress the baby is wearing so it looks adorable.

Baby Bibs comes in different neck shapes and fastening choices like the snap button bibs, lace for tying knots, etc which makes it easy to wear and easier remove from the baby, without discomforting them. A bib is an essential item for a new born baby since they have to wear it at some point of time, so selecting the right Baby Bib pattern helps in its uncomplicated and safe usage. Baby Bibs are also a cool and welcome gift for a new mother which comes in handy all the time.

New born Baby Bibs are primarily used for the purpose of protection from food spills and drools and it is a feeding accessory. Hence it is not recommended to wear them all the time except for babies who drool a lot. After every use the bibs has to be washed with a softener and dried in the shade to avoid the cloth becoming stiff. It is also important that bibs are not used while the baby is sleeping because it may be uncomfortable for the baby.

A wide range of the Best Baby Bibs for 0 to 3 months are available at Mi Arcus online with convenient packs of 2’s to 6’s with different shades of colours and cool prints for that delightful new born in your life. Mi Arcus collection of Baby Bibs are a thoughtful and timely gift always appreciated by every new mom.

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