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Baby Furniture
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FAQ - Baby Furniture

Q1) What are the types of baby furniture? 

Ans) Baby furniture includes a diverse range of items designed for various purposes and age groups, such as cribs, cradles, high chairs, diaper-changing stations, and rocking chairs, to mention a few.  

Q2) Where can I buy baby furniture online in India? 

Ans) Mi Arcus is a one-stop destination dedicated to kids and moms, with a vision to Make Parenthood Joyful. Offering a wide range of products for kids 0-6 years, it also aims to provide sustainable, eco-friendly, and child-safe baby furniture such as cots, cribs, high chairs, and diaper changing stations, to name a few.  

Q3) How are baby high chairs at Mi Arcus different from other brands? 

Ans)The baby high chairs at Mi Arcus are crafted from sustainable rubberwood material, ensuring a sturdy and child-safe design with lasting durability. Prioritizing the safety of the little one, these feature rounded edges and an attached safety harness. You can buy a baby high chair at the nearest Mi Arcus store in your city in India or visit for an online order.   

Q4) What is the best bed for a newborn baby? 

Ans) You can consider buying a baby cradle that is specifically designed for newborns. Baby cradles are furniture pieces with a sturdy construction featuring swing functions to calm and soothe a newborn. Alternatively, you might consider getting a cot or crib with protective side bars to prevent any accidental falls.    

Q5) Are cradles safe for babies? 

Ans) A cradle is specifically designed for newborns, offering a cosy sleep spot and a calming vibe. These are thus a safe option for newborns as long as you're careful in taking the necessary precautions and don’t leave your baby unsupervised.  

Q6) How are rocking chairs useful for kids? 

Ans) Similar to rocking cribs, rocking chairs assist kids to relax and unwind comfortably. Additionally, rocking chairs can also enhance kids' sense of balance and motor skills, fostering increased muscle strength and better coordination. 

Q7) What features should I consider when buying furniture for kids? 

Ans) When choosing furniture for children, prioritize options crafted from sustainably sourced materials such as natural wood or other child-safe materials. Ensure they feature smooth, rounded edges or built-in safety features to keep kids safe and comfortable.  

Q8) What is Montessori Furniture? 

Ans) Furniture designed in accordance with Montessori principles is commonly referred to as Montessori furniture. Though there are no official certifications for the same, these reflect Montessori philosophies that promote self-reliance, independence, and freedom of movement. Some examples include Montessori activity beds, step-stools, learning towers, etc. 

Q9) What is the difference between a cot, cradle or bouncer swing bed? 

Ans) Cradles: Cradles are primarily designed for newborns and infants, providing a comforting rocking motion and feature swing-lock functions 

Cots and Cribs: Cots and cribs, suitable for co-sleeping with infants and toddlers, typically feature adjustable height frames and drop-side rails. 

Bouncer Swing Bed: Bouncer swing beds, an electronic variant of cradles, boast additional features such as remote-controlled music functions and adjustable swing speeds. 

Q10) Is a diaper changing station really needed for my baby? 

Ans) Raising a baby involves the frequent task of changing their diapers, repetitive bending and the struggle to organize baby essentials. Diaper changing stations herein prove invaluable and offer a one-place storage solution for baby essentials, ensuring an effortless, hygienic, and safe diaper-changing experience for both parent and baby.

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