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Feeding Pillow- Baby Breastfeeding Pillow



Just born babies are the most delicate beings that need attention to detail in everything they use to ensure maximum comfort and  safety. Just like how we take care of their feeding needs, the same goes to things they use like the playing, furniture, clothing, bedding, bathing, etc. Among these bedding is play an important role because they are mostly lying on the bed if not carried by someone sometime.

Maintains Head Shape

Mustard seed pillows are a traditional bedding accessory for babies as they are proven to be beneficial to the infants overall wellbeing. First of all, it gives enough comfort just like a cushioned pillow. The even spread of seeds inside makes a natural rounded curve while the baby is sleeping and helps keep their shape intact as they grow. On the contrary, cushioned pillow or bundled up clothes or towels does provide even support to the head and tend to make their head flat. With a mustard seed pillow the head shape is retained even while the baby attempts to turn over one side while sleeping.

Provides Medicinal Benefits

Secondly there are also the medicinal benefits for using mustard seed pillows for babies. They absorb the heat and the heads warm. This natural way of keeping the head warm helps avoid catching cold and related side effects like cough, runny nose, etc. It also protects the ears from infections. There is the additional benefit of keeping insects at bay while the baby is asleep. It also provides the correct thickness to support their neck and spine which are tender. It prevents skin rashes on the shoulders and neck and are skin safe. The air circulation is even during their sleep making them comfortable and cozy.

Ideal Gifting Choice

These pillows are made with 100% fine cotton and filled with best quality mustard seeds that provide maximum medicinal benefits from their properties. They are evenly distributed to support the their head. These pillows are for babies aged 0 to 12 months, the time their heads develop shape and grow evenly. This is an ideal and thoughtful gift for new mommies and for the ones who are expecting their delight from the stork.

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