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#MyLittleExplorer - Mi Arcus



The simmering summers have arrived. And it is this time of the year when we get into a laidback mode, we explore, we plan and create happy memories. Thanks to the 24/7 connected world we live in, summer allows you and forces you to be less impatient, be in a kind of slow motion. I find this the perfect time to teach my son, the values of slowing down, being able to enjoy and soak in the moment by doing simple things such as reading a book or going out for walk. Children, I believe, must learn to slow down and be able to appreciate what is happening around them.

I did a special summer birthday trip last year to celebrate my son’s birthday, we decided to head out on a rainy day for a hike in the outdoors, which sounded fun too. We dint worry too much about the leeches that were strewn on the muddy paths, and our screams and loud laughs made it a memorable moment.

We let my young son lead us and navigate our walk, that in itself was a big thing for him, he was super excited and he felt like a leader, we followed his leadership. A fun food snack bag was packed on his back, and the joys of nibbling snacky items under the open blue sky, was something he has not forgotten till date.

We realized that along this path we are allowing our little explorer to unfold and bond for life. And teach him to grow stronger and wiser. #growingup #learningforlife

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- Preeti Chugh (Co-Founder @ Mi Arcus)

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